Benefits among the Internet Concept Television IPTV

In TV Costa Blanca that , IPTV Rapidly now Radio , Telecommunications Of the extremely popular topic, is just about the most concern after following the main videoondemand valueadded business. However the present mode of IPTV development in China not even clear. In a 7-day period ago, “The Development Style of China’s IPTV Road Forum”, host CCID Consulting remarked that the construction of choices in IPTV, should take “the Internet transform extra net” together to promote IPTV network. If person base is relatively pure area smaller, more fitting use of special technique programs, but for largescale, crossboundary of IPTV applications, using the Internet much more method of transformation.

Operational mode, should the right “thirdparty mode” for delivering telecommunications competing. Operating firm through a third team to do integration of all resources, that is, our contents of operations web formed a triangular sequence. Network transformation according to local conditions IPTV interact transformation involving key to obtain into the device from how the replacement building is for the most part equivalent to an advanced web, construction costs, apart from a few developed cities, and municipal operators typically unable to independently accept. Moreover, the multiservice bearing technology is very frustrating and demanding network operators, maintenance personnel, operators will in the end lead to increased work outs costs, labor costs, functions and maintenance costs.

How can the costly way to achieve the right network transformation it CCID Consulting analyst Li Yan Feng said that the making of models in IPTV, have got to adopt “the Internet convert special net” together produce IPTV network. If person base is relatively located area smaller, more useful use of special program programs, but for largescale, crossboundary of IPTV applications, using the Internet less difficult method of transformation. Hangzhou figures TV The adjust of the company how the assistant director of technological know-how strategy, IPTV network to become implemented in twoway adjust is subject to professional conditions, network reconstruction could be covered after the principal opening in the for some time run, “EPON LAN” on the inside most cost effective way, this is also a wide selection of technologies used in Hangzhou .

And “EPON EOC” means the numerous easy to put into practice. There is success in the IPTV dilemma “Henan model”, exactly where main operations they were in Zhengzhou Witco Electronic JIA Xiaobo, president of scientific knowledge that, IPTV isn’t conducive to putting together private network only possible on the site expansion. He said: “IPTV for AR PU Value is definitely low, but market place much, which get minutes Cloth Style, modular structure behind system development with respect to the user drop by drop expansion. ” Recently been Interactive TV Those effective “big Ning mode” responsible person, Shanghai Daning Multimedia system Valley Development Company.